SharePoint 2013 Incoming Email – a discussion of some of the requirements

 – Cross posted from my post on the SharePoint Team blog, where you'll find blogs from a great bunch of knowledgeable SharePoint support engineers.      ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— There have been some questions around E-Mail requirements for sending email to a SharePoint list or library, and specifically around the need for the x-sender and x-receiver header…


Mapping a drive to a SharePoint library (Connect to Server) from Mac OSX Finder does not allow drag and drop of files into a SharePoint document Library

If you have ever tried mapping a drive to a SharePoint document library, from a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro – essentially any Mac OSX 10 device, you have probably noticed that it doesn't work! My experience was with a MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, both with OSX 10. What you might not be clear…


Playing Windows authenticated SharePoint 2013 Videos from a Mac OS X device and Safari browser – Solution

The Problem: You are Unable to play videos from an authenticated (Windows Authentication) SharePoint site on a MacBook (OS X) running the Safari browser.  This was reproduced on SharePoint 2013 by editing a page and selecting Insert -> Video -> From Computer. The video may say “Loading” or may just never start playing.   What…


SharePoint 2013 Profile Pictures no longer display in MySites after moving MySite URL or changing web applications

You may have run into this innocently enough, just trying to get a better URL for your MySite users.  Or you have migrated and, for whatever reason, had to use a new URL for MySites.  For example: your MySite Host was and you have changed it to  Any change to the URL will cause the issue….


My Quick Deploy Job is causing 4958 and 6398 errors in the application log every 15 minutes

  The SharePoint Content deployment topic has been well documented, but I recently ran into an issue which, I was surprised to find, was not covered. In SharePoint 2007, when you set up a new Content Deployment Path, you automatically get a new job named “Quick Deploy job for Path ‘<your Path name>’ This job…