New AD Users not getting resolved in People Picker

Issue:- Any New User or Group created in Active Directory is not getting resolved in a specific SharePoint Site collection People Picker. It works fine for other Web Applications and if you create a new Site Collection in the same Web app, People Picker is resolving new Users and Groups there.

For the problematic Site Collection, the old Existing User accounts and Groups are resolving fine, only the New ones are not getting resolved in People Picker.


Get-SPSite "http://SharePoint/sites/collection" | fl > C:\props.txt

If you open the Props.txt file, you will see the properties for this site collection. Look for "UserAccountDirectoryPath" property. By Default it should be blank, if it is not, that is causing new Users in AD not to be resolved in People Picker.


To Change the Property value to Blank, follow as below.

$Site = Get-SPSite "http://SharePoint/sites/collection"


$Site.UserAccountDirectoryPath = $val


Note:- You can also first troubleshoot by creating a new Site collection in Same Web app and check if the issue is similar as per this blog.

Comments (5)

  1. Leo Jacob says:

    It didn’t work for me, is there any other workaround for this issue?

  2. james says:

    I have the same issue on a SharePoint Online site. What can we do here?

  3. guru says:

    i dont have problem with newly added users..

  4. hi says:

    help is needed.
    even i m facing strange issue. one of the account resolves in all the other site collections even other web applications.. only in one site collection it does not resolves.. let me what needs to be done..
    http://acn/sites/op — dont works
    http://acn/sites/< any othe sites> resolves

  5. Anonymous says:

    Good one…Parmi.  I had seen similar issue with new AD users but after couple of days, I could find them. Next time, I see similar issue, will try to exceute the steps.. Thanks for sharing

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