SharePoint Administration Toolkit 릴리즈

SharePoint 제품 관리를 보다 쉽게 도와주는 SharePoint Administration Toolkit이 다음과 같이 릴리즈되었습니다.

금번 릴리즈에는 다음과 같이 Batch Site Manager와 STSADM의 updatealert 명령이 포함되어 있습니다;

The first tool, called "Batch Site Manager", adds new functionality through Central Administration.  From the new "Move, Lock, and Delete Site Collections" page on Applications Management you can schedule bulk operations against site collections in the farm—including moving site collections between content databases! This is my favorite feature as it is completely new functionality for SharePoint and definitely helps manage deployments simply from the UI rather than requiring administrators to write or use scripts.  The development of this feature was quite involved, and is a topic which I intend to blog about in full in the near future.  For now, here's a screenshot of the "Batch Site Manager" tool:
*Note: when using the Batch Site Manager, be sure to refresh the site collection list using the "click here" aggregation link before every scheduled operation!

The second tool is actually a new command in STSADM called "updatealert". This command will refresh all alert URLs in a specific site collection, which is extremely important should you change the URL of a web application or after an upgrade. Alerts in SharePoint store the URL which the users used to create them—which is needed so that users of different "zones" get the proper URL in their email—but if the URL changes you can now use "STSADM –o UpdateAlert" to let SharePoint fix these alerts (don't know what a "zone" is? Start here on MSDN). Due to the multiple zones that can exist in a web application, the UpdateAlert command needs to be provided with both the new URL of the site collection to be fixed and the old URL–this operation must be run once per zone, but will update all the subwebs in the given site collection automatically.

The full detailed whitepaper about this release of the SharePoint Administration Toolkit is available on MSDN. There are some restrictions regarding the Batch Site Manager tool, so be sure to read the whitepaper!



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