SharePoint 배포를 위한 필수 가이드

SharePoint 제품 배포 시 고려해야 할 여러가지 사항을 요약한 체크 리스트와 관련 리소스를 잘 정리한 필수 가이드가 게시되었습니다; [다운로드]

본 가이드의 내용은 다음과 같습니다.

  1. Differences between WSS 3.0, SharePoint Server Standard and SharePoint Server Enterprise editions

  2. Bulletted Sample SharePoint Server Deployment Plan

  3. Checklists for IA, Taxonomy, Training, PM and Ops including sample SLAs and roles, Dev considerations, Infra, Dev and Test env, DR and HA and applicable descriptions (on the back) including a master page wireframe

  4. Deployment Roles Diagram

  5. Containment Hierarchy

  6. Common Physical Toplogies

  7. Intranet Governance Model (Pyramid)

  8. 10 Steps to a succesful deployment

  9. Deployment Flow Chart Role Swimlanes

  10. Links and Additional Resources

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