Software Boundary Guidance for SharePoint 2013 Gotcha’s (Don’t do this)

  Recently published on Microsoft TechNet (30 October) were the Software boundaries and limits for SharePoint 2013.  Some noticeable adds are in this guidance so please take the time and familiarize yourself with the changes.  Some of the guidance however did not change and a couple in particular I want to reference due to the… Read more

What’s new in SharePoint 2013 Profile Sync

In SharePoint 2010 we introduced FIM which acted as a broker of sorts when bringing profiles from AD into SharePoint.  One of the key reasons for this add was to allow companies to not only pull AD info into SharePoint but also to push information from SharePoint back to AD. This was a key change from… Read more

Kerberos FatFingeritis? How to set your Kerby SPNs the safe way

<A Microsoft PFE’s Note from the Field> So in my day to day SharePoint support endeavors one of theclassic cases that come in from time to time is customers trying to implementKerberos into their Farms.   One of theissues I see pop up a lot is duplicate SPN’s.   The classic method (via the command line) is… Read more