More about Netgroup over NFS

This article discusses lookup mechanism for netgroups. We have multiple customer coming in with the request to restrict the NFS access using Netgroup. Client fencing for NFS is also discussed on the blog Creating Netgroup can be achieved through Powershell command as discussed on New-NfsNetgroup <NetgroupName> Set-NfsNetgroup -NetGroupName "<NetgroupName>" -AddMember "<HostNameofUnix>"   The…


Can we run SUA command under Windows the task scheduler ?

While working on a cron job issue, one of the customers wanted to know if they can run the SUA command through a task scheduler instead of cron job. Below are few steps which we can run from the korn/C shell on a system which has subsystem for Unix installed along with SUA SDK package….


Mapping Unix account through ADlookup not working

Recently, we had a case where mapping Unix account through ADlookup was not working. Windows 2008 R2 as hosting the NFS share and Windows 2003 R2 was the DC. We performed the steps below:   Populated User’s attribute in AD Configured the Netbios name in the NFS properties page Updated the NFS related drivers Configured NFS…


Unable to Install SUA SDK on Windows 2008 R2

Recently we got a case where customer reported that he was unable to install the SUA SDk component on Windows 2008 R2. Customers had added the feature “SubSystem for UNIX-based Applications” and then click on the link as displayed on the image below.   But this opens the Web page for the download utility for…


Server for NIS service crashing at the startup

We recently got an issue where the Server for NIS service was crashing at a startup. In the environment, customer had added W2K8 R2 based DC and installed IDMU in his existing W2K3R2 based IDMU setup. To begin with we tried checking if the numbers of available port are getting exhausted but that was not…


Getting Network Error 53 “Network path not found"

Recently we got a case where customer was unable to access NFS share from Windows 2008 R2, Client for NFS. We tried mounting the NFS share using the command below: mount \\Unix Server\ NFS share The error we got after the command was completed was “Network Error 53”. Then to test the access, we tried…


Adding NFS resource as a Network location for persistent access

Lot of times, we get request where customer are looking for having a persistent NFS mapping. Well NFS share on Windows clients are not available to all user’s session. One of the recommended option would be to add the NFS resource as a Network location. The steps below describes the same.   1. Right click…


Issue opening files created in Windows EFS directory from UNIX clients over the NFS connection from Windows Server 2008 R2

In recent past, we did have multiple customer reporting issues on files getting corrupted for the below scenario “files created in Windows EFS directory from UNIX clients over the NFS connection”  The environment in questions was Windows 2008 R2 as NFS server and Linux client as NFS client.  With our troubleshooting and research we found…