More about Netgroup over NFS

This article discusses lookup mechanism for netgroups. We have multiple customer coming in with the request to restrict the NFS access using Netgroup. Client fencing for NFS is also discussed on the blog Creating Netgroup can be achieved through Powershell command as discussed on New-NfsNetgroup <NetgroupName> Set-NfsNetgroup -NetGroupName "<NetgroupName>" -AddMember "<HostNameofUnix>"   The…


Command line installation of IDMU component in Windows 2012

This article discuss on the steps required to install IDMU component using DISM on WIndows 2012. You can find more informaiton on DISM on the Blog. Looking for the GUI based installation through role and features may get complex at times. Hence this blog, discuss on the simple steps through command line to install the IDMU…


Issues with Server for NIS

Recently, we faced couple of issues with Server for NIS. The environment looks like: 2 Windows 2008 R2 as DC and HP UNIX as NIS client.  The issue which the customer was facing was as below:   ·         First issue: Users were unable to login from Unix clients using AD credentials ·         Second issue: Windows DC…


Installing IDMU on Windows 2008 R2 Server Core

If you are planning to install Identity Management for UNIX after configuring a Windows 2008 R2 Server Core as a Domain Controller; the L news is you cannot install these tools in this scenario. There is no way this can be done. The only way to overcome the is to work around this with a…


Manually populating information in Unix attribute tab

There are many situations in which one need to manually populate information pertaining to Unix attribute tab.  However we don’t recommend populating this information manually or using any script but just in case if you want to know then following are the attributes needed for users: uid:             Contain the same value as in sAMAccountName….


Using Identity Management for UNIX effectively – Part II

In this post let’s take a looks around managing UNIX related attributes. Once we install Server for NIS and related components on a domain controller the User, Group and Computer objects gets a separate property page – UNIX Attributes.                                …


Using Identity Management for UNIX effectively – Part I

When using Identity Management for UNIX; we change active directory user password; we expect the related UNIX attributes to be changed promptly. There is couple of conditions that needs to be fulfilled. I am going to discuss all these in detail. To start with let’s check the UNIX related attributes that are in use starting…


NIS Server snap-in throws WMI error

When we try to open Server for NIS administration snap-in; a very common issue that is reported is getting an error message like: “A WMI error has occurred. Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection”. At a glance this message appears to be confusing. We were…


I cannot modify UNIX attributes on a group

I cannot modify UNIX attributes on a group   This was an interesting issue where we were not able to modify the POSIX information in a group object in AD using the IdMU UNIX Attributes tab. Any attempts to perform this task would return the following error –   Check your credentials. There could be…