Command recall using the up arrow in Korn shell

The command below can be used on a Korn shell to use the command recall feature using the up arrow on a korn shell. set -o emacs We can use ‘history’ command to displays a list of commands numbered in the order in which you have used them. By default the previous 128 commands which you…


Installing SUA components on Windows 8

Recently, after the build conference we installed Windows 8 Developer preview edition here. I was checking different components related NFS, IDMU and SUA. While trying to install SUA components I noticed that it is marked as [DEPRECATED].                           Looks like we are planning…


Setting up mailX with MS Exchange in SUA

In case you want to setup sendmail on SUA and use your MS Exchange to actually receive the mail and process it further; these steps will be handy. Downloaded and installed SUA on Windows 2003 R2 system. Configured with SMARTHOST entry Note: A sample entry will look like: #Smart “relay hosty” DS<ExchangeServer_HostName> We need…


SUA SDK for Windows 7

The SUA SDK for Windows 7 is taking longer to see the day light. The news is it is going to take some more time before being published publicly. I will again make a post once it is made avaialable.