WSRM configuration: SUA does not work properly on Multi Processor machines

Recently we got multiple issues where the SUA performance was getting impacted on multi-processor machines. While the issue is still being diagnosed for the root cause, we were able to get a workaround around this.

Some of the common issues were:

1. Slow performance
2. Long running commands fails
3. SUA crashing Intermittently
There was a hotfix  released for SUA performance running GPFS with SUA. But this did not address all race conditions that may appear. To eliminate the race condition, we can try the WSRM option. This would be just a recommendation and may or may not work on all scenarios. The workaround recommended was to configure WSRM so that subsystem (psxss.exe) uses only one CPU.

Steps to configure WSRM:

1. Installation: Adding feature

2. Step 1 will need reboot. Once done, open WSRM

3. Steps to configure WSRM

4. Adding a New resource Allocation policy

5. Giving the policy name

6. Selecting a new process matching criteria

7. Gving the criteria name

8. selecting the running process (psxss.exe in this case)


9. Details 

10. Selecting the resource allocation (0 in this case as we want SUA to only use 1 CPU)

11. You will get the message below

12. selecting the percentage of resource allocated (24 in this case as we have total 4 processor and have opted to use only 1 for SUA)

13. Now we need to right click on the profile and mark it as "Set as Managing policy"

14. To verify the same from task manager (check the processor affinity)

Once done, please monitor the SUA performance.

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