Command line installation of IDMU component in Windows 2012

This article discuss on the steps required to install IDMU component using DISM on WIndows 2012. You can find more informaiton on DISM on the Blog. Looking for the GUI based installation through role and features may get complex at times. Hence this blog, discuss on the simple steps through command line to install the IDMU…


Unable to run the ‘PAX” command in Windows 7, SUA with a ‘–q’ option

Recently we got an case where the customer was looking for assistance to run  PAX command in Windows 7 SUA. Unlike SFU 3.5, the PAX command  in windows 7, SUA does not have “-q” option to suppress error message. Hence it was failing. From the man pages we found that using the new parameter “-Q”;…


How can we control the permission on the files created from Windows NFS client

We do get a lots of issue where the customer reports that “Permission ere not getting inherited on the newly created files and folder on the NFS client side”. This scenario is intended for the scenario where Windows is the NFS client (running “client for NFS”) service. Usually the confusion is that the permission on…


Can we run SUA command under Windows the task scheduler ?

While working on a cron job issue, one of the customers wanted to know if they can run the SUA command through a task scheduler instead of cron job. Below are few steps which we can run from the korn/C shell on a system which has subsystem for Unix installed along with SUA SDK package….


Unable to access Symbolic link on a NFS share

While working on one of the case, the customer reported that he was unable to access symbolic link of a NFS share. The symbolic link was pointing to another directory under the same NFS share. The NFS share was hosted on Windows 2008 R2. While checking the properties of the link, we found that the link…


Binding Linux as NIS client and slave to Windows NIS Master

To configure Linux as NIS client to Windows NIS master (Binding Linux as NIS client to Windows 2008 DC, NIS Master) Configuring Linux as NIS client: File that needs to be configure on the Linux side: 1. Edit the # /etc/yp.conf file and put the entry below              domain linuxlab server rhel1.sfu.blr 2. Edit the …


Issues while upgrading from Windows 2003 to Windows 2008

Recently, we were trying to upgrade WIndows 2003 to WIndows 2008. WHile trying to upgrade, we ran into couple of intresting issues. This blogs talks about the issue faces during the upgrade.   First issue:   So the first thing which we would need is to update the version on Windows 2003 to Windows 2003…


Mapping Unix account through ADlookup not working

Recently, we had a case where mapping Unix account through ADlookup was not working. Windows 2008 R2 as hosting the NFS share and Windows 2003 R2 was the DC. We performed the steps below:   Populated User’s attribute in AD Configured the Netbios name in the NFS properties page Updated the NFS related drivers Configured NFS…