Where are my maps?

Where are my maps? 



If you create an advanced username maps and wonder where it is stored then you should look into the following registry key:


HKLMàSystem à CurrentControlSet à Services à Mapsvc à CurrentVersion:

AdvancedUserMaps    and



These registry keys contain the list of all the advanced maps which are created in this machine.

 It has one line for one map. 


 Advanced Maps























Normally we don’t need to edit this registry but for some reason if you cannot see the map even if you have successfully created it, then you should look at this registry key.   If the entry exists in the registry key, then try perform the following steps to resolve the issue:

1) Delete the existing entry in the registry.

2) Restart UNM service.

3) Create a new map using NFS GUI or mapadmin command.  


However at any point of time, please don’t try to edit the registry key to put the value you need as it may lead to unexpected behavior in username mapping.


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