Oh gosh, I deleted my passwd map

Oh gosh, I deleted my passwd map   “Oh my God, I accidently deleted my NIS passwd map definition from ADSIEdit”.  We have faced many a similar situations in our life.  Once you install Server for NIS, you get some standard maps.  You have the liberty to create non-standard maps but the default installation of…


Gateway for NFS

Gateway for NFS   “I wish I had to configure only one machine as NFS share” Many of us who are new to “Services for Unix” asks this question.  Gateway for NFS comes as a rescue to them.  It is a part of Services for Unix 3.5.  However, Gateway for NFS was not recommended for…


Using Identity Management for UNIX effectively – Part II

In this post let’s take a looks around managing UNIX related attributes. Once we install Server for NIS and related components on a domain controller the User, Group and Computer objects gets a separate property page – UNIX Attributes.                                …


Disk Space is showing as 0.0 MB for NFS components in Add Remove Windows Component

When you go to Control Panel-Add Remove windows component and select Microsoft Services for NFS to install, you will see the size as 0.0 MB. The actual size for this component is 3.9 mb. This is just an issue on certain builds of Windows XP, Windows 2003/R2 and is caused due to incorrect entries in…


SUA SDK for Windows 7

The SUA SDK for Windows 7 is taking longer to see the day light. The news is it is going to take some more time before being published publicly. I will again make a post once it is made avaialable.


Server for NIS using too many Ephemeral ports

The Server for NIS initiates recursive LDAP queries on AD and in some environments, where the ports do not close quickly enough, it can create problems like TCP port Exhaustion.   When a client initiates a TCP/IP socket connection to a server, the client typically connects to a specific port on the server and requests…


Using Identity Management for UNIX effectively – Part I

When using Identity Management for UNIX; we change active directory user password; we expect the related UNIX attributes to be changed promptly. There is couple of conditions that needs to be fulfilled. I am going to discuss all these in detail. To start with let’s check the UNIX related attributes that are in use starting…


NIS Server snap-in throws WMI error

When we try to open Server for NIS administration snap-in; a very common issue that is reported is getting an error message like: “A WMI error has occurred. Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection”. At a glance this message appears to be confusing. We were…


Unlocking restricted ports for Windows NFS Client

A very common way to restrict a normal user to pose as root In UNIX world is to restrict certain ports commonly known as “secure ports”. Generally a deamon runs and does port monitoring to ensure any attempt to access such secure ports by a normal user is blocked. The TCP ports 1-1024 are reserved…


Making NFS volumes available to Windows Users

Very frequently we come across requirement to mount a NFS share for users. A very general approach to mount the share as Administrator or to run the mount command wrapped up in a script. This way the mount works properly but the same mounted drive will not be available for all the users. My experience…