Localizing Management Pack Content

Many customers of Service Manager use the product in a non-English language and in some cases customers will deploy Service Manager into an environment where many users of the same installation of Service Manager will use the product in different languages.  To enable localization of solutions built for Service Manager, the management pack (MP) schema… Read more

Extending Search in Service Manager

Here’s one of my favorite (as yet) undocumented features in Service Manager – search extensibility.  This is what the Search toolbar looks like normally in Service Manager (this is a Beta 2 build so it might look slightly different than what you have right now in Beta 1 or CTP2:   In case you didnt… Read more

User experience in Service Manager

Hi, We are Melissa Quintanilha and Kevin Decker, User Experience Designer and Researcher for Service Manager. Together we make up the User Experience team for this product.   User Experience encompasses much more than just the User Interface (the pretty pictures on the monitor). Our job is to look at the whole problem space and define… Read more