Solution: Improperly configured views in the Service Manager 2010 console generate the error "An error occurred while loading the items"

Just a quick heads up on a new Service Manager 2010 Knowledge Base article we published today.  If you ever see errors such as An error occurred while loading the items" while working in the Service Manager console then you’ll want to keep this one in mind: ===== Symptom While working in the Service Manager… Read more

Targeting Workflows in Service Manager

In a previous post, I described how the Management Service runs what we call “workflows” in Service Manager and then I provided an example for you to try.  In this post, I want to describe some more detailed and important aspects of how workflows run in Service Manager.  There are some subtle differences and key… Read more

Hacking Management Pack XML Like a Pro

Sometimes when you need to make some changes nothing beats a good ol’ text editor.  There are cases right now where the only way to change something in Service Manager is by editing the management pack XML directly.  There are also cases where it is just faster to edit the XML directly.  To that end…… Read more