Announcing new HTML5 based Self-Service Portal

Update –  05/11/16 – Update 3 for Self Service Portal Available here 01/27/16 – Update 2 (List of features & fixes)for Self Service Portal is available now – 12/11/15 – Update 1 (List of features & fixes) for the Self Service Portal issues is now available – . RTM Package for download is available here – https:/ Installation Instructions here  –… Read more

Adding Merge Capability in Service Manager SDK ( aka ‘Click Apply and Die’ problem solved)

Issue of two people/process editing the same object at the same time and later person/process not able to update object is a known issue in Service Manager. This gives very bad experience to a user who is trying to submit changes through Console. When this issue occurs, the only option  the user has is to… Read more

Support and roadmap for CSPP, IT GRC, and AAW

We’ve been thinking about posting this information for a while now but Thomas Ellermann beat us to it 🙂 Thanks Thomas for compiling this information! The Solutions Accelerator Team (SAT) created many compelling solutions for the System Center suite of products. The team, however, was disbanded last year causing many of their solutions to lose sponsorship. As… Read more

Notifying before SLA breaches

This blog post assumes that you have already configured your Service Level Objectives. If you need a tutorial on that then please review SCSM 2012: Service Level Management Now assuming you have setup your Service Level Objectives, it is very easy to notify the users before the SLA is breached. Let’s assume you have the… Read more