Sealing a Management Pack in System Center 2012 Service Manager

Here’s a great article by Microsoft’s own Anil Erduran that I found over in our TechNet Wiki. This one talks about Management Packs in SCSM 2012, the different between a sealed MP and an unsealed MP as well as how to easily seal your MP: As is the case in Operations Manager, all customizations for… Read more

Creating Queues and Groups Using Type Projections

Update: You can do this in the console in SCSM 2010 SP1 now. Background information for this post:  Groups are typically collections of Configuration Items (although technically it can be groups of any kind of object).  Queues are collections of a certain kind of work item – like a queue of incidents.  Groups and Queues… Read more

Modeling in System Center Service Manager

We have a few blog posts out there about modeling in Service Manager (including a new one from Kuntal on relationships), so I’m going to pull together an index of them here for easy reference: Modeling: Extending and Deriving Classes Modeling: Relationship Types (New!) Examples: Create New Configuration Item Derived Class Creating and Manipulating Extended… Read more

Introduction to the Data Warehouse: Custom Fact Tables, Dimensions and Outriggers

So you’ve deployed the data warehouse and tried out the reports but now you want to want to make it your own. You may be trying to recreate some reports you’ve been using forever and now need to run them against the Service Manager platform, or perhaps you simply want to take full advantage of… Read more

Create List Items (aka EnumerationValues) In Bulk Using EnumCreator.xlsx

This blog post is intended for developers and people doing advanced customizations in Service Manager. Not too long ago I shared a blog post called ‘Understanding Lists/EnumerationValues: CI Status Example’ which explained how you can make simple, quick modifications to lists using the main console and how you can add list items through Management Pack… Read more

Custom notification workflow on incident assignement or re-assignment

There are couple important contributions from our users I wanted highlight There were quite a few requests to Notify additional recipients (e.g. Affected User / Primary Owner) on the assignment changes.  Andrew France has written the MP that does this.  Here is the MP.  Another useful blog post that has been created by one of SCSM… Read more

Editing a View in a Management Pack

Here is a simple example that demonstrates how you can add a column to an existing view. Specifically, we will be adding a “Source” column to the All Open Unassigned Incidents view that is shipped out of the box.  “Source” property enables you to see the Incident source (e.g. email, portal, console, SCOM or DCM). The… Read more

The System Center Platform in Service Manager Part 4: The Management Service – Try It!

The System Center Platform in Service Manager Part 4: The Management Service – Try It! This post is a continuation in the series which describes the System Center common platform components implemented in Service Manager.  Previous posts: The System Center Platform in Service Manager Part 1: Introduction The System Center Platform in Service Manager Part… Read more

Localizing Management Pack Content

Many customers of Service Manager use the product in a non-English language and in some cases customers will deploy Service Manager into an environment where many users of the same installation of Service Manager will use the product in different languages.  To enable localization of solutions built for Service Manager, the management pack (MP) schema… Read more

Extending Search in Service Manager

Here’s one of my favorite (as yet) undocumented features in Service Manager – search extensibility.  This is what the Search toolbar looks like normally in Service Manager (this is a Beta 2 build so it might look slightly different than what you have right now in Beta 1 or CTP2:   In case you didnt… Read more