How to rebuild your SSAS and cubes in SCSM 2012 R2

I’ve recently published a blog post, describing how to rebuild a corrupt SQL Analysis database, used by SCSM 2012 R2. A big thank you to Alex Young, for helping out with writing the procedure…. Read more

Fixing Service Manager Data Warehouse registration Information

Mihai Sarbulescu, Support Escalation Engineer from Romania, has written a cool blog post on troubleshooting and fixing Service Manager Data Warehouse registration issues. The blog post includes a small Tool that might solve your DW issue so if you haven’t seen it then you should definitely check it out. You can read the post here:… Read more

How long does the Service Manager Data Warehouse retain historical data?

The short answer is that we keep data in the warehouse for 3 years for fact tables and forever for dimension and outrigger tables. Antoni Hanus, a Premier Field Engineer with Microsoft, has put together the detailed steps on how to adjust this retention period so you can retain data longer or groom it out… Read more

Create a report model with localized outriggers (aka “Lists”)

If you’ve watched my Reporting and Business Intelligence with Service Manager 2010 webcast and followed along in your environment, you may have unintentionally created a report which displays enumeration guids instead of Incident Classification strings, like below. Not too useful. In this post I’ll tell you the simple way to fix your report model to… Read more

Introduction to the Data Warehouse: Custom Fact Tables, Dimensions and Outriggers

So you’ve deployed the data warehouse and tried out the reports but now you want to want to make it your own. You may be trying to recreate some reports you’ve been using forever and now need to run them against the Service Manager platform, or perhaps you simply want to take full advantage of… Read more

Data Retention Policies (aka "Grooming") in the Service Manager Database

What is Grooming?  Why Groom? The ServiceManager database is the “online” or “operational” database in Service Manager.  It is the database which most users are interacting with when they are using Service Manager.  Therefore, you want to keep it running as fast as possible.  Databases are kind of like car engines.  The longer they run,… Read more

Data Warehouse – Anatomy of DW/Reporting Deployment

  In my last post I went over the management pack synchronization process that brings over MP’s from Service Manager and how those MP’s drive the structure, data, and reports for data warehouse and reporting. Once those MP’s are synchronized between Service Manager and the data warehouse, we need to get the data and/or reports… Read more

Service Manager Data Warehouse and Reporting

Hi, my name is Chad Rowe and I am a Program Manager for the System Center Service Manager team working on the data warehouse and reporting features. I’ve been with the team for about 8 months and prior to that I worked within Microsoft’s IT organization for 9+ years managing operations teams that supported our… Read more