Changing the Generic Request in portal to point to Service Request Template

In Service Catalog portal, the Create Generic Request button is wired to create an Incident.  Although you can modify the Generic Request Incident Request Offering, you cannot change the Generic Incident Request Template. Customers have asked ability to change it so that the Create Request on the home page creates a Service Request instead of… Read more

Creating Queues and Groups Using Type Projections

Update: You can do this in the console in SCSM 2010 SP1 now. Background information for this post:  Groups are typically collections of Configuration Items (although technically it can be groups of any kind of object).  Queues are collections of a certain kind of work item – like a queue of incidents.  Groups and Queues… Read more

How to Identify that a Change Requests was Created in the Self Service Portal

In the end user portal, end users can create Incident Requests (IR) and Change Requests (CR). The incidents created in the portal automatically have a “Source” property which is filled in with “Portal.” Change Requests on the other hand do not have this  property. If you would like to isolate Change Requests which were created… Read more

Introduction to the Data Warehouse: Custom Fact Tables, Dimensions and Outriggers

So you’ve deployed the data warehouse and tried out the reports but now you want to want to make it your own. You may be trying to recreate some reports you’ve been using forever and now need to run them against the Service Manager platform, or perhaps you simply want to take full advantage of… Read more

Create List Items (aka EnumerationValues) In Bulk Using EnumCreator.xlsx

This blog post is intended for developers and people doing advanced customizations in Service Manager. Not too long ago I shared a blog post called ‘Understanding Lists/EnumerationValues: CI Status Example’ which explained how you can make simple, quick modifications to lists using the main console and how you can add list items through Management Pack… Read more

Editing a View in a Management Pack

Here is a simple example that demonstrates how you can add a column to an existing view. Specifically, we will be adding a “Source” column to the All Open Unassigned Incidents view that is shipped out of the box.  “Source” property enables you to see the Incident source (e.g. email, portal, console, SCOM or DCM). The… Read more