Creating Queues and Groups Using Type Projections

Update: You can do this in the console in SCSM 2010 SP1 now. Background information for this post:  Groups are typically collections of Configuration Items (although technically it can be groups of any kind of object).  Queues are collections of a certain kind of work item – like a queue of incidents.  Groups and Queues… Read more

AD Connector – cross-forest tricks

It is possible to import objects from domain which is in some other forest than your console. You can also import data from untrusted domain, or domain your current domain doesn’t trust. You can even use console from another forest domain. Data source address Let’s say there is a domain you want to import objects… Read more

Data Retention Policies (aka "Grooming") in the Service Manager Database

What is Grooming?  Why Groom? The ServiceManager database is the “online” or “operational” database in Service Manager.  It is the database which most users are interacting with when they are using Service Manager.  Therefore, you want to keep it running as fast as possible.  Databases are kind of like car engines.  The longer they run,… Read more

Using the CSV import feature

Neil Lydick, one of our developers, wrote an excellent document containing overview and how-to information for importing information using a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file. This feature can be used to: ·         Create Configuration Item or Work Item instances from data stored in a tabular format ·         Bulk-edit existing database instances ·         Populate the SMCMDB with… Read more

Hacking Management Pack XML Like a Pro

Sometimes when you need to make some changes nothing beats a good ol’ text editor.  There are cases right now where the only way to change something in Service Manager is by editing the management pack XML directly.  There are also cases where it is just faster to edit the XML directly.  To that end…… Read more

Active Directory Connector Part 1

Let Me Introduce Myself… Hi, my name is Oleksandr Golovatyi and I work in the System Center Service Manager QA Team as a Software Design Engineer in Test. I have 10+ years of software development experience for both Windows and UNIX platforms. I joined Microsoft (and the team) about a year ago. Background Active Directory… Read more