SCSM 2012: Service Level Management

This is guest blog post from two of our most prolific community contributors Andreas Baumgarten and Anders Asp. Thanks for sharing with the community guys! ================================================== Microsoft System Center Service Manager 2012 (SCSM 2012) now includes Service Level Management. In Service Manager 2010 (SCSM 2010) the Target Resolution Time of an incident was calculated using… Read more

FAQ: Where are the SCSM SDK Binaries?

I get this question from time to time.  People are used to downloading some separate package that includes the SDK because that is how Windows and a few other Microsoft products do it.  Since our entire product is built on top of the SDK we ship the SDK with the product itself.  The binaries that… Read more

Troubleshooting Self-Service Portal Issues in SCSM 2012– Your Request Could Not Be Submitted

What do you do when you get a screen like this? Not exactly a lot of information to go on there. Don’t worry, we have a Silverlight log file that system admins can grab to see the details of what the problems are. Here’s how to find the log file. 1) On the user’s computer… Read more

System Center 2012 RC Released & New Licensing Information

At the webcast this morning Satya Nadella, President of the Server and Tools Division, and Brad Anderson, Corporate Vice President of Management and Security at Microsoft announced the availability of System Center 2012 RC and introduced the new licensing model for System Center.  The entire suite is now available for download from one convenient location…. Read more

Reminder: BIG Webcast – Transforming IT with Microsoft Private Cloud – Tomorrow Jan 17th

There is a really important web cast that is happening tomorrow that I wanted to remind you all about.  You won’t want to miss it. Here is the description of the event.  Registration link is below.   The definition, business value, and technology benefits of the “the cloud” have been hotly debated in recent months…. Read more

Using SMLets Beta 3 Post #12–Getting a GUID ID of an Object (Especially for Work Items)

Here’s a tricky one.  How do you get the GUID ID of a work item using SMLets? First let’s start with getting the GUID ID of a Windows computer object. We could do something like this: Sweet.  Easy. What if we did the same thing with a work item? Wait a minute!  That’s not what… Read more

FAQ: What Classes of Objects Does the SCVMM–SCSM Connector Bring In?

Most of the virtualization related CMDB data is discovered in SCVMM by SCOM and then brought to SCSM by the SCOM-SCSM connector.  This includes things like virtual machines, hosts, host groups, etc.  So – what does the SCVMM-SCSM connector do?  It syncs in Library content!  SCOM doesn’t really have any need to discover and monitor… Read more

Part I – Custom Silverlight module for Service Manager 2012 portal

In this blog we will look at how to develop a custom Silverlight module using the portal WCF service. This module will query for change requests assigned to the currently logged in portal user. Please note that this blog would be easier to understand if you have prior web development experience. Source code for this… Read more

Using SMLets Beta 3 Post #11–Getting a List of All the Classes in a Management Pack

Let’s say you wanted to know all the classes that were in a given management pack.  How would you do that?  SMLets of course! If you don’t know the internal name of the MP (e.g. Microsoft.Windows.Library) you can also do something like this to use the MP display name (e.g. Windows Core Library):  … Read more