Announcing new HTML5 based Self-Service Portal

Update –  05/11/16 – Update 3 for Self Service Portal Available here 01/27/16 – Update 2 (List of features & fixes)for Self Service Portal is available now – 12/11/15 – Update 1 (List of features & fixes) for the Self Service Portal issues is now available – . RTM Package for download is available here – https:/ Installation Instructions here  –… Read more

Just Released: Exchange Connector and Send Email Solution (Update on “Resource Kit”)

Awhile back I announced that there would be a “resource kit” for Service Manager which would include a bunch of things that we already had put out on the blogs like… Bulk Enumeration Value Creator Spreadsheet Ramp up materials – twelve one hour+ recorded Live Meeting sessions with the Program Managers covering a wide range… Read more

Custom notification workflow on incident assignement or re-assignment

There are couple important contributions from our users I wanted highlight There were quite a few requests to Notify additional recipients (e.g. Affected User / Primary Owner) on the assignment changes.  Andrew France has written the MP that does this.  Here is the MP.  Another useful blog post that has been created by one of SCSM… Read more

Exchange Connector 3.0 RC Released!

Update: April 26, 2013 – Exchange Connector 3.0 RTM has been released now and is officially supported:   At long last the Exchange Connector 3.0 RC is released!  I’ve made quite a few improvements in this release. The Exchange Connector 3.0 release is compatible only with System Center 2012 – Service Manager   Feature… Read more

SCSM – Exchange Connector 3.0 RTM Released & Supported

At long last!  We have released a version of the Exchange Connector which has been thoroughly tested, passed on strict security audit process, and most importantly is officially supported!  It’s been a long time coming, but finally the day is here! This version of the Exchange Connector is just an evolution of the Exchange Connector… Read more

Service Manager Portal Source Code Released!

The feedback on the self-service portal has consistently been that it needs to be more customizable.  That is by far the #1 feedback item on SCSM 2010.  The types of desired customizations typically fall into these categories: change the text shown in a label hide buttons or web parts change the style (colors, fonts, etc.)… Read more

System Center: Service Manager – A phoenix in its own right

The System Center team would like to take the opportunity to squash rumors floating around about the future of Service Manager and the nature of the investment that will be made to the product over the next couple of years. We would like to provide a breakdown of the facts, perceptions, conclusions and current thinking… Read more

All Work Items Assigned to Me View

I’ve seen this one enough times now that I just had to do something about it.  Attached is a management pack which will show you all the work items (incidents, change requests, problems, etc. ) that are assigned to you. Enjoy! Check out the MP XML if you want to see how I did it. … Read more

Incident SLA Management in Service Manager

This blog post describes how to build a custom SLA management solution in SCSM.  If you are looking for more of a plug and play solution check out a solution provided by our partner Cased Dimensions that provides Service Level Management.  Check out the Cased Dimensions demo video. A question that has been discussed eagerly on… Read more

Using Data Properties From the Parent Work Items in Activity Email Templates

Note: this blog post is relative to System Center 2012 – Service Manager (or later) only. This is a guest blog post from one of our community experts – Greg Wojkun.  Thanks for sharing with us Greg! ======================== Background Our change request process requires CR owners to supply details of their change request in the… Read more