Form Validation in Custom Forms

When you create a custom form you may want to have code behind to evaluate the user’s data entry based on some business logic before the object is created/updated.  To demonstrate how to do this I have extended the Service Request CodePlex project to provide a simple example of form validation. In the code behind… Read more

Tasks Part 2 – Custom Console Tasks for Create, Edit, Delete

Awhile back I started a series of blog posts on explaining tasks – check out the first post which was an overview of tasks: In this blog post, I’ll describe how to create some of the most common types of custom console tasks that you might want to create.  I’ll show an example of… Read more

Testing Outbound Email Notifications Using Telnet

Setting up outbound email notifications from SCSM can be a bit tricky and sometimes customers have trouble with it.  In this blog post I’ll show you a way that you can test trying to send an email via the SMTP server.  First – I’ll assume that you have already set up the SMTP notification channel… Read more

Importing Management Packs Programmatically (and How to Connect to a Management Server in an Untrusted Domain)

You can import MPs using the PowerShell cmdlet Import-SCSMManagementPack.  That works for .xml, .mp, or .mpb files.  But what if you wanted to do it programmatically using the SDK?  No problem.  You just need to know how to do it. Here is some sample code to show you how it’s done.  As a bonus you… Read more

System Center Service Manager 2010 SP1 Available for Download Now!

Hello Service Manager fans, After a very successful launch of System Center Service Manager 2010 last April, Microsoft is pleased to announce the release of Service Pack 1, which is available NOW on System Center Service Manager 2010 SP1 addresses critical feedback received from customers and partners and provides greater language support, improved performance… Read more

Sending Notifications When a Reviewer Votes on a Review Activity

Let’s say you want to send a notification to a group of users every time a reviewer votes on a review activity.  How would you configure that?  Well – first of all you’ll need to use the NotEqual critera – see this blog post – to trigger the notification when the reviewers Decision property value… Read more

Using the Keyboard to Quickly Fill Out Forms in System Center Service Manager

This video will show you how to use the keyboard to quickly fill out forms without using the mouse.  Service Manager provides a couple of custom form controls designed to make data entry faster and easier: 1) the User Picker control and 2) the List Picker control.  In this video I’ll show you how to… Read more

Solution: Improperly configured views in the Service Manager 2010 console generate the error "An error occurred while loading the items"

Just a quick heads up on a new Service Manager 2010 Knowledge Base article we published today.  If you ever see errors such as An error occurred while loading the items" while working in the Service Manager console then you’ll want to keep this one in mind: ===== Symptom While working in the Service Manager… Read more

More Aggressively Grooming the JobStatus and WindowsWorkflowTaskJobStatus Tables

In some cases if you have a lot of workflows running, or workflows which run very frequently, or if the workflows have a lot of output the JobStatus and WindowsWorkflowTaskJobStatus tables can get pretty large.  Some customers are reporting sizes of up to 20-30 GB.  These tables store the output of workflows that run in… Read more

Authoring Workflows with PowerWF for Service Manager

One of our partners, PowerWF, has developed a really powerful workflow authoring tool for automating IT processes.  The way I describe PowerWF is that it helps break down the walls of interoperability between PowerShell and Windows Workflow Foundation workflows.  You can use PowerShell cmdlets in a Windows Workflow Foundation workflow as workflow activities.  You can… Read more