Update 3 is available for the System Center 2012 R2 Service Manager Self-Service Portal

We are pleased to announce third cumulative update for new HTML5 Self Service Portal and it can be downloaded from here.  As this is cumulative update, you can either install this update directly on RTM Release or even if you have update1  or update2 installed on RTM.

Please note that this release is independent of Service Manager UR9 Release and do not need UR9 to be installed on machines. This specific patch needs to be applied only on machine(s) which are hosting new Self Service Portal to enable following features and fixes.

Here are new features introduced with this release

  • Attachments a can be viewed and downloaded for Self Service Portal.
  • The Must Vote and Has Veto information is added for reviewers in Review activities.
  • By default, the portal puts custom enumerations for My Request (incident & Service Requests) states in the Closed filter category. Now the portal allows for customization to map required custom states to the Active filter category also. For more details check for “CustomActiveRequestStatusEnumList” under “Basic Customization” section on this link.

Here are issues fixed in this release

  • Multiple selections across pages in the Query UI do not work.
  • Enums in list don’t appear in the same order as they are shown in the console.
  • Cannot scroll to last item in Internet Explorer 10.
  • Selections of optional query element in a request offering is not being mapped to work item fields.
  • The Resolved Date property for an incident is not being set while resolving an incident from the Self Service Portal.
  • When you author the request offering, custom properties cannot be mapped to an activity which is part of another activity.
  • The portal is not setting Actual End Date or Decision Date values for manual and review activities.
  • The portal displays an incorrect time when the server uses the 12 Hr (AM/PM) time format.
  • Request offerings and Service offerings are unsorted (now are shown alphabetically).
  • Page load fails with a JavaScript error when you click the Share icon for an item which has a single quotation mark (‘) in the title.
  • Marking a manual activity as failed takes it to the Completed state.
  • The Date Picker in a request offering form keeps the date only in U.S. format.
  • A request offering form crashes if it contains an empty Simple list form element.
  • Activities are missing in MyActivites for “All” filter in Turkish Language
  • Display-Only Query Results are behaving as Mandatory Field.


Post Installation Manual Update (Optional)

If you have changed any of the .cshtml file(s) after last update, then .cshtml file(s) will not getting updated by patch. This happens because update installer finds that last modified date of .cshtml file is different than what was installed last time (RTM/ Update 1/ Update 2), it skips updating this file while installing Update 3. To make update work properly in this case either

1) for all .cshtml files either revert back these files to last installed version  (RTM/ Update 1/ Update 2) or

2) install portal on new machine (do not need to connect to any sdk server) and then patch it with Update 3. This way you will be able to get latest files. You can directly copy new file to your deployment.