Improved entity processing in Service Manager 2016

In System Center Service Manager 2016 Technical Preview 5 (SM) we looked at the entity (work-items/config items) processing pipeline and made some performance improvements. Entity related operations can be initiated by SM Console, Portal, Workflows, Connectors etc. via the SDK service. The SDK service submits these requests to the entity processing pipeline. Every entity change… Read more

Group calculation improvement in System Center Service Manager 2016 Technical Preview 5 (SM)

Service Manager uses groups to manage CI and Queues for WI to scope the user view criteria.Groups/Queues can either contain objects of the same class or it can collection of objects for different classes. They can be dynamic collection of objects based on inclusion rules or a static list or a combination of both. In… Read more

Introducing Date Dimensions in System Center Service Manager 2016 Data Warehouse cubes

Service Manager customers store their long term data in Service Manager Data Warehouse and create cubes over them for generating reports and analysing the data. Trend analysis and operating on data queried for different time periods is often required, but the cubes offered by Service Manager 2012 R2 Data Warehouse (DW) lack date dimensions for… Read more