Automatically Closing Completed SCSM Service Requests with Orchestrator

This is a guest blog post by Mark Newton, one of our community contributors.  Thanks for sharing Mark!


I have set up a number of ‘Service Requests’ in SCSM 2012 which are all working great. However what we were finding was that all our requests once finished were in the SCSM console with a status of ‘Completed’. We were having to go in periodically and ‘Close’ all the request so that they will be eventually purged from the console. I thought what a simple job for Orchestrator to do and here is how I set it up.

This is what the run book looks like:


1. Monitor Date/Time is just setting what time do I want the run book to check for completed service requests.


2. -7 days is essentially saying check 7 days back.


3. Get Completed SRF gets service requests which are ‘Completed’ and older than 7 days using the information available on the bus from –7 days.


4. On the line between Get Completed SRF and Close SRF is ‘Only if value > 0’. This ensures that the next step is only carried out if there are service requests which have completed.


5. Close SRF closes the service request, sets a closed date and adds a description.