Using SMLets Beta 3 Post #5–Getting the GUID ID of an Object

Let’s say you are doing some fancy stuff like manually crafting some notifications like this blog post: 

…and you want to be able to send the notification to a specific user (or group) using the portion of the rule configuration XML that looks like this:

<WorkflowArrayParameter Name="PrimaryUserList" Type="string">



You need to know the GUID of the user ID to put in the <Item> element. 

How do you get that?  Well – use SMLets of course!  Smile

Here is an easy example:

Get-SCSMObject –Class (Get-SCSMClass –Name System.Domain.User) –Filter “UserName -eq twright” | Format-Table ID, DisplayName

Looks like this:


Then you can just copy the GUID right out of the PowerShell window there!

Update: 12/7/2011

If you try to do this for a work item object it won’t behave the same way though because there is a System.WorkItem.Id property that is inherited to all work item classes.  In order to get the GUID ID in that case you need to do a special trick.


You can use either the Get_ID() method or the PSObject… approach to get at the underlying object and get the GUID of it.