Opalis 6.3 with Integration Pack for SCSM is now RTM!

Congratulations to our good friends in the Opalis team on the RTM of Opalis 6.3!

Included in Opalis 6.3 are:

  • New Integration Packs for Configuration Manager, Data Protection Manager, Service Manager and Virtual Machine Manager
  • An updated Integration Pack for Operations Manager to support the Server 2008 platform
  • Support for the Opalis infrastructure to run on the Server 2008 platforms

They tell me that the Service Manager integration pack is the best one they have ever built and I believe them.  The power of using Opalis + Service Manager is really almost too much to handle.  At Tech Ed Europe last week we had an audience member at one of our sessions say “We are so excited about this [Opalis + SCSM] that we can hardly control our emotions!”  I though he was about to break out into a song/dance.  : )

In case you missed it here is an example of SCSM and Opalis better TOGETHER!

How to Automate VM Provisioning in 20 Minutes using Service Manager and Opalis

Lots more demo videos to come!