Using ObjectQueryOptions – Configuring Object Retrieval from the CMDB, Part II

Pratibha has followed her original post on using the ObjectQueryOptions in the SDK to control how you retrieve objects with a new post that explains some more of the details on this. You can find the new post here: and this is the original blog post if you missed it:  Thanks Pratibha!… Read more

Why Won’t My MP Import? The Case of the Required Property Without a Default Value

This situation has come up a couple of times now so it seems worth of a blog post.  Here’s the situation – a customer is using the SCSM Authoring Tool to extend a class and add a new property.  The customer marks the value as required because the user’s should enter a value for the… Read more

Opalis 6.3 with Integration Pack for SCSM is now RTM!

Congratulations to our good friends in the Opalis team on the RTM of Opalis 6.3! Included in Opalis 6.3 are: New Integration Packs for Configuration Manager, Data Protection Manager, Service Manager and Virtual Machine Manager An updated Integration Pack for Operations Manager to support the Server 2008 platform Support for the Opalis infrastructure to run… Read more

Breaking All the Rules: Reactivating Closed Incidents

OK – so ITIL/MOF best practices say that you shouldn’t reactivate or edit incidents which are in the Closed state and that you should create a new incident in that case.  I’m of the opinion that the intention of this is if the end user is re-raising the issue.  That makes sense to me (sort… Read more

How to Automate VM Provisioning in 20 Minutes using Service Manager and Opalis

Jim Pitts and I presented a session at Tech Ed Europe 2010 last week on how to use Service Manager and Opalis together to automate the process of provisioning VMs.  The session was the #4 rated session for the entire event last time I checked.  Apparently people really like this integration and the power of… Read more

Creating (or Editing) an Object From a Template Programmatically

Sorry I haven’t been blogging in a while. I’ve been on a whirlwind tour around South Africa and Europe for the last three weeks presenting about Service Manager in one forum or another essentially every day.  It’s been exciting, but hasn’t left a lot of time for blogging. I just needed to write some code today… Read more