Seven Winds Call Script Manager Solution Released!

Seven Winds, a long time System Center partner from the Netherlands, has recently released their Call Script Manager solution for System Center Service Manager!  This solution provides a key solution for improving the quality of incident management by creating call scripts for service desk analysts to follow for common types of calls.  It can walk the analyst through a series of questions, help him find relevant knowledge and other incidents in context, capture the users’ responses, and log everything automatically along the way.

Here’s a demo video (watch it in 720p HD full screen for the full effect):

There’s also a Visio-style workflow designer tool for creating call scripts that can then be utilized by the call script wizard.

Here is the product information page:

Here’s a whitepaper on the solution:

Go here to request a free trial version: 

Nice work guys!  This is going to be a great tool for customers!