Service Manager ‘SMLets’ CodePlex Project Expanded

Last week, we made a major update to the ‘SMLets’ CodePlex cmdlets project for Service Manager. This release is called ‘Beta 1’ and has been expanded from the original 3 cmdlets for incidents to 48 cmdlets and functions and a bunch of scripts. This release includes the Announcements and Remove-SCSMManagmeentPack cmdlets examples I provided earlier on the blog. The majority of the new content was provided by Jim Truher who is our resident PowerShell guru having worked on the PowerShell team during its original release. Jim also refactored the project into a PowerShell module so that we could package the scripts and cmdlets together into one neat bundle and take advantage of some of the new features in PowerShell 2.0. Accordingly, you’ll need to have PowerShell 2.0 installed to use these new goodies. Also – keep in mind that these PowerShell cmdlets and scripts rely on the Service Manager SDK assemblies so you’ll need to be running these either on the Service Manager Management Server or a computer where the Service Manager console is installed.

Here’s a list of all the new stuff:

Function New-ManagementGroup
Function import-Assembly
Function Get-SCSMClassProperty
Function get-SCSMCommand
Function get-SCSMproperty
Cmdlet Get-SCSMTask
Cmdlet Get-SCSMSubscription
Cmdlet Get-SCSMTypeProjection
Cmdlet Get-SCSMTaskResult
Cmdlet Get-SCSMUserRole
Cmdlet Get-SCSMTopLevelEnumeration
Cmdlet Import-SCManagementPack
Cmdlet Remove-SCSMSubscription
Cmdlet Remove-SCSMObject
Cmdlet Remove-SCManagementPack
Cmdlet Set-SCSMObject
Cmdlet Set-SCSMIncident
Cmdlet Set-SCSMAnnouncement
Cmdlet New-SCSealedManagementPack
Cmdlet New-SCManagementPack
Cmdlet Set-SCSMObjectProjection
Cmdlet New-SCSMObject
Cmdlet New-SCSMIncident
Cmdlet New-SCSMAnnouncement
Cmdlet Get-SCSMRunAsAccount
Cmdlet Get-SCDWWarehouseModuleTypes
Cmdlet Get-SCDWRelationshipFactTypes
Cmdlet Get-SCManagementPack
Cmdlet Get-SCSMAnnouncement
Cmdlet Get-SCManagementPackElement
Cmdlet Get-SCDWOutriggerTypes
Cmdlet Get-DataWarehouseConfiguration
Cmdlet Export-SCManagementPack
Cmdlet Get-SCDWDimensionTypes
Cmdlet Get-SCDWMeasureTypes
Cmdlet Get-SCDWFactTypes
Cmdlet Get-SCSMCategory
Cmdlet Get-SCSMRelatedObject
Cmdlet Get-SCSMObjectProjection
Cmdlet Get-SCSMRelationshipClass
Cmdlet Get-SCSMRule
Cmdlet Get-SCSMResource
Cmdlet Get-SCSMObject
Cmdlet Get-SCSMClass
Cmdlet Get-SCSMChildEnumeration
Cmdlet Get-SCSMConfigItem
Cmdlet Get-SCSMIncident
Cmdlet Get-SCSMEnumeration

Thanks to Jim and Patrik Sundqvist for putting this together! This is going to be super powerful! Think about all the possibilities of using these in console tasks and workflows using the PowerShell script activity!

You can download the beta 1 release from the CodePlex site here: