Create View for Incidents that have not been modified in last 7 days

There have been some requests for viewing Incidents that have not been touched over a period of time.  This blog post demonstrates how to create an Incident View for incidents that have not been modified in the last 7 days and have a Status of Active or Pending.

You’ll need to be at least an Author or an Administrator to create the View described in this post.

1.   Click on the Work Items workspace in the Service Manager console

2.   Select Incident Management in the navigation pane

3.   Click Create View in the Tasks Pane

4.   This should open the Create View Wizard

5.   On the General Tab, enter the View Name and Description. Select an MP where you want the View to be stored

General Tab

6.   On the Criteria Tab, you will need to specify the Incident class and select the criteria to show the unmodified incidents

      a.         Click Browse next to the class field and select Incident

      b.         In the Available properties section, check the Last modified property and click Add

                  i.          In the Criteria section, check the relative checkbox

                  ii.         In the Criteria section, enter [now-7d] in the textbox

                              The [now]  token can be used without parameters or with plus or minus a number and unit of time (seconds, minutes, hours, days)

·         s is used for seconds [now+20s] -> now plus 20 seconds

·         m is used for minutes [now+5m] -> now plus 5 minutes

·         h is used for hours [now-12h] -> now minus 12 hours

·         d is used for days [now-7d] -> now minus 7 days

Criteria Tab

      c.         In the Available properties section, check the status property and click Add

                  i.          Select [Incident] Status equals Active

      d.         In the Available properties section check the status property and click Add again

                  i.          Notice there is an OR operator added so you can create the clause Status=Active OR Status=Pending

                  ii.         Select [Incident] Status equals Pending

Criteria Tab 2

7.   On the Display Tab, check the desired columns to display

8.   Click OK

9.   Your view is created. Select your Unmodified in 7 Days incident view


I have attached the XML file for the view so you can import it and modify the time range if needed.