Deleting Objects in Bulk in the CMDB using PowerShell

Ever wish you could just start over? 🙂

I’ve been using this PowerShell script that Jim Truher (PM on the Service Manager product team) wrote so much lately that I think it is essential to any Service Manager veteran’s toolkit and so I want to increase its visibility here on the team blog.

This PowerShell script allows you to delete any object in the ServiceManager DB in bulk.  Why would you want to do that?  Let me tell you – this works wonders to help reset demo environments.  It would also work great in testing situations.  And sometimes you just want to be able to start over – maybe that CSV import didn’t go just the way you wanted it to.  🙂

Be super careful with this script near any data that you care about though.  Jim added –WhatIf support and I recommend using it!

Here is a link to Jim’s blog (which I highly recommend if you are into using PowerShell with Service Manager):!7143DA6E51A2628D!843.entry