Service Manager Database Tour & Useful Queries

The following are some useful database queries and in a way a tour of the Service Manager database.  Sometimes it’s just easier to query a database to get the information you need.  Please use this information in a “read only” way.  Don’t attempt to update the Service Manager database using T-SQL – it’s just bound… Read more

How to Write a Custom Connector: CSV Connector Example

One of the most important common ways partners and customers will extend Service Manager is to create custom connectors to get data into the system.  There are many ways of doing this and we will catalog all of them at this blog post. The post and linked (at the bottom) Visual Studio project and detailed… Read more

Sealing Management Packs

As we’ve blogged about in the past, management pack can take a dependency on each other.  To do this, you need to add a Reference element in the Manifest section of the management pack. When a management pack (MP ‘A’) takes a references another management pack (MP ‘B’), you can then reference things in management… Read more

Does Service Manager Support Multitenancy/Managed Service Providers?

I get this question so often it deserves a blog entry of its own.  First, let’s get a common definition of what is meant by “multitenancy” or “managed service provider”.  Typically this question refers to a managed service provider using a single instance of Service Manager to support multiple “customers” where these customers are typically… Read more

Troubleshooting Workflows in Service Manager

I’ve been doing a lot of troubleshooting of Workflows in Service Manager lately as I have been working on some of these extension projects.  It’s not exactly trivial to figure out what is going wrong with a workflow, so I wanted to write a blog post explaining the process.  I’ll also point out a few… Read more

Deleting Objects in Bulk in the CMDB using PowerShell

Ever wish you could just start over? 🙂 I’ve been using this PowerShell script that Jim Truher (PM on the Service Manager product team) wrote so much lately that I think it is essential to any Service Manager veteran’s toolkit and so I want to increase its visibility here on the team blog. This PowerShell… Read more

Service Manager Connectors

Kurt Van Hoecke has written up an excellent series of blog posts on the Belgium System Center User Group blog on all the connectors that are provided out of the box in Service Manager. Part 1: Importing data into SCSM (part 1) – the SCSM AD & SCCM connectors Part 2: Importing data into SCSM… Read more

Demo: Extending Service Manager to Automate IT Processes

System Center Service Manage can be fundamentally broken down into two parts: The platform. The solutions. The platform includes all the infrastructure services such as the workflow engine, the model-based database, the data warehouse, the data access service, and many other services that make Service Manager easy to extend and customize. The solutions includes those… Read more

Managing Virtualization with System Center Service Manager

I’ve had people ask me many times over the last couple of years…. does Service Manager integrate with System Center Virtual Machine Manager?  Can Service Manager help us manage our virtual assets?  The answer is… Yes!  Although we don’t have connectors out of the box that directly connect to Virtual Machine Manager there is still… Read more