Project “Honolulu” Technical Preview now available!

As promised, just in time for Ignite! 🙂

Download here:

Includes overview, deployment guide, troubleshooting and known issues, etc.

Feedback link:

Here's the official announcement: Windows Server blog


Comments (7)

  1. Looking forward to using this says:

    Right off the bat I found the first issue, in order to manage HCI your nodes must be running Windows Server Semi-Annual Channel.

    Nope! How disappointing. Hopefully such arbitrary requirement goes away soon.

    1. Looking forward to using this says:

      With S2D removed from the Semi-Annual Channel now, what are the plans to enable full HCI management for Windows 2016 relaying on S2D?

      1. S2D will be enabled in the next SAC release and it’s actually already enabled in recent Server Insiders builds, which you can manage with Honolulu.

  2. Yuri Trukhin says:

    Need support for macOS and Linux for installing Holulu

  3. Eddie says:

    How I can RDP to the server, I can get all stats and management but how to RDP to the server.

  4. Hi all, thanks for the comments! Please help us quantify feature requests via UserVoice:, thanks!

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