Windows Admin Center – is the future.

You may remember back in October last year I posted about Project Honolulu the replacement for the Azure service, Server management Tools. Well that project has now transitioned into Windows Admin Center.

The rapid pace of development and updates means that this product is now incredibly mature after so short a development. Windows Admin Center can deliver a complete administrative experience in addition to the 20 plus admin tools already present. Most oft eh MMC snap-ins are covered, as are the Device manager, Disk Manager, Registry editor, the works.

The most exciting aspects though are the possible extensions to the product. I posted recently about Windows Storage Migration Service coming soon to a Windows Server 2019 near you. This appears as an extension in the Windows Admin Center.

You can see above that both the Storage Migration Service and the brand new Server SYstem Insights service feature as available extensions. You can also see that there are 3rd party extensions being added using the WAC SDK.

Finally dont forget that WAC can handle Windows 10 computer management tasks, Failover CLuster tasks and also is the preferred solution for monitoing and managing your Hyper-Converged infrastructure.

WAC uses WinRM (the same as PowerShell does) to communicate with servers, WAC can be an internal tool or can be used to manage servers all over the globe if you install the gateway in an accessbile place.

The future is bright, the future is WAC. I wonder how long the venerable MMC will last now we have this tool?

Why not download it now and get working.

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