Software Defined Networking (SDN) – Network Without Limits

At Microsoft, we create and deliver first party apps (both on-premises and in our cloud datacenters), as well as host the apps that our customers and partners build. All of this runs on our own network infrastructure alongside workloads like Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, Xbox Live, and Office 365. Our experiences with key workloads like these… Read more

Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) – news from Brad Anderson

Over the past 11 years, the Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) has grown from a small user group event focused on systems management and managing PCs, to a large and passionate gathering of the world’s best and brightest IT Pros. Now it’s time to look ahead to the next step for our industry and this community…. Read more

Microsoft and Oracle Deliver Enterprise-grade Cloud Software and Services

For years Microsoft and Oracle have helped customers address enterprise technology needs, and during those years I’ve had the opportunity to personally partner with, compete with, and admire Oracle as an industry leader. Certainly when you think of enterprise scalability and reliability Oracle comes to mind, and I believe the Microsoft clouds also deliver the… Read more

Customers, Clouds and Choice

As competition in the cloud space heats up, things are looking better than ever for customers, as they have access to increasingly better solutions and hence, more choice. However, this competition is making at least one vendor uncomfortable – how else does one explain recent comments from an AWS executive that private clouds are “ill-advised”… Read more

Top Picks from TechEd 2013 – Windows Server Active Directory (AD) Sessions

Active Directory (AD) still continues to be a topic of interest for new and seasoned IT Professionals. Directory services provide the core for organization, security and management of many type of principles.  With that in mind we wanted to highlight a couple of the top rated sessions from TechEd 2013. MORE… Read more

Top Picks from TechEd 2013: A Virtualization Trifecta

In this week’s Top Picks from TechEd 2013, we have selected some sessions on virtualization.  They are all highly reviewed and we are sure the topics will be interesting to you.  Virtualization has been white hot for years and the following sessions will catch you up on the latest innovations from Microsoft. Here are this… Read more

Attack of the Clones

DFSR – or any proper file replication technology – spends a great deal of time validating that servers have the same knowledge. This is critical to safe and reliable replication; if a server doesn’t know everything about a file, it can’t tell its partner about that file. In DFSR, we often refer to this “initial… Read more

Microsoft Datacenter TCO Tool Goes Live!

The Microsoft Cloud OS solution provides a modern datacenter with enterprise class virtualization, greater resource utilization, end-to-end service management and deep insight into applications so organizations can focus on delivering business value. Together with Windows Azure or a Microsoft Service Provider, you can also create advanced hybrid cloud deployment scenarios where seasonal spikes in demand… Read more

Linux Support on Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V

The ability to provision Linux on Hyper-V and Windows Azure is one of Microsoft’s core efforts towards enabling great Open Source Software support. As part of this initiative, the Microsoft Linux Integration Services (LIS) team pursues ongoing development of enlightened Linux drivers that are directly checked in to the Linux upstream kernel thereby allowing direct… Read more