The Components of a Hybrid Cloud

For a lot of IT pros, the last two posts have been a nice overview of the Hybrid Cloud model, but they’ve been waiting to get technical. Starting with this post, I’ll begin a deep look at the specific technology that supports and maximizes Hybrid Clouds, as well as the tools available for use in… Read more

Enabling Modern Apps with the Windows Azure Pack

Don’t let the title fool you – this post is critically important for Developers and IT pros. The reason I call out this warning up front is that often, when I’m speaking at conferences around the world, as soon as I start to discuss the developer perspective and developer tools, many IT Pros in the… Read more

Scaling Up and Out in Windows Azure Web Sites

When you are starting on a new web project, or even just beginning to develop web sites and applications in general, you might want to start small.  But you probably won’t stay that way.  You might not want to expend resources on a new web farm when you are entering the proof-of-concept phase, but when… Read more

Imagine Cup 2013 – Showcasing the World’s Brightest Students

Good education is a critical component in enabling students to be successful in life and to make a notable difference in the world. When combined with opportunities to be creative, to exercise one’s intellect, and to instigate real change, there are few limits to what such students can achieve, to the challenges they can overcome,… Read more

Discover Insight Nuggets by Digging in Big Data

We’ve all heard about “Big Data” by now but what does it really mean? Big Data is the term used to describe the process of applying serious computing power and the latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence, to massive and often highly complex sets of information.  MORE… Read more

New Windows Dev Center Goes Live

Yesterday we launched a new Windows Dev Center.  You might ask “Why are you telling us about that, Brian?”  Well, the answer is that my team is responsible for MSDN and much of the infrastructure behind it.  We partner very closely with the Windows team team produce an awesome Windows Dev Center.  Yesterday was the… Read more

Windows Azure SDK v2.0 for .NET Released

This morning we released the v2.0 update of the Windows Azure SDK for .NET. This is a major refresh of the Windows Azure SDK with some really great new features and enhancements.  These new capabilities include: Web Sites: Visual Studio Tooling updates for Publishing, Management, and for Diagnostics Cloud Services: Support for new high memory… Read more

Publishing LightSwitch Applications on SharePoint

Everything on SharePoint 2013 is an app.  All the things you might be familiar with (list, libraries, code) are packaged into an app for SharePoint.  This way, whenever the user wants something for the site, there’s an app for that.  Where do you get apps?  From the store.  For Office365 there is a public store… Read more