ICYMI: Data platform momentum

The last couple months have seen the addition of several new products that extend Microsoft’s data platform offerings. At the end of January, Quentin Clark outlined his vision for the complete data platform, exploring the various inputs that are driving new application patterns, new considerations for handling data of all shapes and sizes, and ultimately changing the… Read more

Windows Azure HDInsight has released and is now available

Today, Microsoft announced the general availability of Windows Azure HDInsight, its cloud-based distribution of Hadoop. Further expanding on Microsoft’s big data strategy, Microsoft CVP Quentin Clark will deliver a keynote at O’Reilly Strata + Hadoop World tomorrow, where he will discuss Microsoft’s vision to democratize big data by providing easy to use tools and a… Read more

Customers, Clouds and Choice

As competition in the cloud space heats up, things are looking better than ever for customers, as they have access to increasingly better solutions and hence, more choice. However, this competition is making at least one vendor uncomfortable – how else does one explain recent comments from an AWS executive that private clouds are “ill-advised”… Read more

Discover Insight Nuggets by Digging in Big Data

We’ve all heard about “Big Data” by now but what does it really mean? Big Data is the term used to describe the process of applying serious computing power and the latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence, to massive and often highly complex sets of information.  MORE… Read more

Watch the 2013 CIO Summit From Your Desk – Register now for this free webcast

Microsoft’s 2013 Spring CIO Summit takes place April 9-10 and will host more than 200 CIOs from companies across the US. Registration for the in-person CIO Summit is at capacity, but that doesn’t mean any of Microsoft’s customers have to miss out. This year the virtual CIO Summit is a complete hybrid experience, with live… Read more

An Overview of Data Explorer Online Search

Working with data to gain new insights not only involves dealing with the data that you already have but also being able to find additional data to complement your analysis. In many cases, this additional data is publicly available to everyone but it has been traditionally difficult to find and to leverage in your analysis…. Read more

Visualizing Big Data with Azure HDInsight and Data Explorer

With the recent announcement about Azure HDInsight, now is a good time to look at how one might use Data Explorer to connect to data sitting in Windows Azure HDInsight. As you might be aware, HDInsight is Microsoft’s own offering of Hadoop as a service. In this example, we are going to look at how… Read more