SQL Server In-Memory OLTP technology Project “Hekaton” Riles Oracle VP

It seems we hit a nerve by announcing our planned In-Memory OLTP technology, aka Project ‘Hekaton’, to be shipped as part of the next major release of SQL Server. We’ve noticed the market has also been calling out Oracle on its use of the phrase ‘In-Memory’, so it wasn’t unexpected to see a rant from Bob Evans, Oracle’s SVP of Communications, on the topic.

Here on the Microsoft Server & Tools team that develops SQL Server, we’re working towards shipping products in a way that delivers maximum benefits to the customer. We don’t want to have dozens of add-ons to do something the product, in this case the database, should just do. In-Memory OLTP, aka ‘Hekaton’, is just one example of this.

See the rest of the SQL Team blog post at http://blogs.technet.com/b/dataplatforminsider/archive/2012/11/20/oracle-surprised-by-the-present.aspx.

Editors Note: It appears Forbes pulled their article.