RSA Europe Keynote: Risks and Rewards in Cloud Adoption – SIRv13 and Cloud Readiness Tool

Adrienne Hall, Microsoft General Manager in the Trustworthy Computing group delivered a keynote yesterday at the RSA Europe Conference in London.  She started the conference by telling a story about an experience while on a remote island off the coast of Croatia, and hearing the news about Gauss malware. Here’s an except from her blog post:

“I just got off the stage at RSA Europe in London where I delivered a keynote during which I announced the release of our bi-annual Security Intelligence Report (SIRv13) and a new free Cloud Security Readiness Tool. If you’ve ever been to an  RSA event you’ll know that the audience comprises security professionals from a range of organizations, including government agencies and some of the world’s largest companies.

Faced with an audience of around 1,000 IT security pros I kicked off with a story about a recent holiday – not the traditional start to an RSA talk. I explained how, in a restaurant in the middle of a tiny town on a remote island off the coast of Croatia I heard a local news report that mentioned the Gauss malware several times.”

See the full blog post at  It’s an excellent read with some links to really practical information you can use today to combat the changing threat landscape.

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