Viewers Watch the London Olympics Thanks to Windows Azure Media Services

The London Olympics was a massive orchestration of 302 gold medal events squeezed into just 19 days. Multiple heats or rounds, often happening simultaneously, across 32 sports, challenged content providers to deliver flexibility to viewers in just about every time zone worldwide who wanted to choose what, when, and how they’d watch the events, be it live, mid-event and rewound to the beginning, or on-demand after the fact. The rise of smartphones and tablets has fed this need for anytime, anywhere, any device viewing.

Media Services offer the flexibility, scalability and reliability of a cloud platform to handle high quality media experiences for a global audience. Media Services includes cloud-based versions of many existing technologies from the Microsoft Media Platform and our media partners, including ingest, encoding, format conversion, content protection and both on-demand and live streaming capabilities. Whether enhancing existing solutions or creating new workflows, you can easily combine and manage Media Services to create custom workflows that fit every need.

Gartner says in 2011 60M tablets were sold worldwide, with forecasts for that to reach 118.9 million in 2012, and 369.2 million by 2016*. Today an estimated 130M+ people in the US own a smart phone, an increase of 38% just in the last year – and mobile device viewers skyrocketed 55% for the London Olympics v. Beijing just four years ago according to NBC. Anytime, anywhere, from any device is the future of how content will be created and consumed, not only for the Olympics, but for video content in general.

Two key technology enablers that help media providers and broadcaster deliver these flexible solutions are cloud computing in general and media workflow tools in particular.

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