The New Office – Developer and IT Pro Resources

event_officeBallmer0716_heroLast week we unveiled the customer preview of the new Microsoft Office, available at Be sure to read the press release when you get a moment. There is an on-demand recording of the event webcast that is a little over an hour in length that is very informative.

We also wanted to point developers and information technology professionals to some great resources on MSDN, TechNet, the Office Blogs, and various other locations on the network.  Naturally the link for the download is also provided below.


Developer Blogs and Resources

MSDN is the destination for your development needs.  The Office team has created a great developer center at with information, samples, etc.  In addition to that information, here are some blog resources you might want to bookmark or subscribe to:

IT Professional Resources and Blogs

IT Pros have some great new informational sites as well.  Like the developers, TechNet continues to be the definitive location for information technology professionals.  The Office team has been working very hard on the new Office Tech Center at  There you’ll find information on deployment, activation, security and other topics.  Here are some other blog resources to bookmark or subscribe to:

Additional Resources and Information