Inside PowerShell with The Scripting Guys

It’s fascinating to watch how quickly PowerShell has been embraced by the community.  It is a language and technology beloved by developers and information technology professionals. The Scripting Guys are a driving force behind this community engagement and you really need to take notice of their amazing work.

Each month The Scripting Guys blog pumps out a bunch of technical articles on PowerShell.  You might see several articles per day and these aren’t mere marketing articles.  The articles you see are technical articles on how to use PowerShell with Microsoft products and cover security, management, reporting and other interesting areas.  Here are some recent examples:

As you can see from this tiny sample, there is a lot of great information being pumped out by the crew at the Scripting Guys blog.  But don’t forget, there is information all across our network for your consideration including Windows PowerShell Blog.

Want to stay up on the articles?  Be sure and subscribe to the RSS feeds.  Here are a few for your consideration:

So here’s some great weekend reading as you try to escape the heat. Enjoy!