4 Trillion Objects and Counting – Amazing Growth for Windows Azure Storage

4338.objectcount_130CC2AFCloud storage is an integral part of building and using cloud applications and services. Windows Azure Storage can store many object types.  It could be something as simple as a picture stored in a blob, to more complex data types like a virtual hard drive.

Windows Azure Storage has had an amazing year of growth and we wanted to bring new information to your attention around the scale that has been achieved. 

The Windows Azure team posted “Windows Azure Storage – 4 Trillion Objects and Counting” on their blog this morning.  In this post you’ll see the fantastic growth over the past five quarters.  This post is an information treasure chest.

For instance, “How to Use the Blob Storage Service” on the Windows Azure developer center is a good read on how to store information. The article demonstrates programmatic access the blob storage using .NET with some excellent examples on creation, access and deletion of those blobs.

If you need compute power or storage, be sure to read “Exploring Windows Azure Drives, Disks, and Images” on the Windows Azure Storage blog. This is a great “How-To” on how to create, manage and delete disks, drives, images and virtual disk caches within Azure Storage.

There are a number of other topics and links presented in the “Windows Azure Storage – 4 Trillion Objects and Counting” article so set aside some time to explore the data points, links and information.  Let us know if you have any questions!