Join us live online for TechEd Europe keynotes from Amsterdam

TechNet Europe 2012 in AmsterdamWe will be streaming LIVE from TechEd Europe starting with the keynote on Tuesday 26 June at 8:30 AM UTC +1 from Amsterdam (conversion: Monday, June 25, 2012 at 11:30:00 PM Pacific Time). Join us online as we feature Brad Anderson and Jason Zander’s opening keynote. Learn how to manage the new Windows Azure features and services with sessions delivered by Microsoft technical leaders Scott Guthrie and Mark Russinovich.

On Wednesday, 27 June at 8:30 AM UTC +1 we will feature the Antoine Leblond’s keynote and follow up with an amazing rock star list of Channel 9 Live guests appearing on your monitor LIVE from Amsterdam. The full schedule for Channel 9 Live has been posted here.