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The Server & Tools Blogs network, what you’re reading right now, is designed to give you a morning- or afternoon-briefing that you can use to catch up on the news and technical information from Microsoft and its blogging community. Give us five to ten minutes, and we’ll keep you up on Microsoft and connect you to its best minds. We have thousands of blogs across Microsoft, and we started with the only 105 in order to sift out some of the best postings on server and tools-related products and services. We’ll be adding hundreds more over time. Last week, we launched with coverage of TechEd, which you can find in a news wrap-up at TechNet this week. You can also follow topics in the feeds below, which are curated from many of our blogs. This week, we’ll be covering some breaking news — we can’t say what, just yet. But we hope the new approach is working for you. Let us know in comments!