Tune in to TechEd on the New Server & Tools Blog Network

Satya NadellaWe’re launching a new blogging effort across our Dev and IT blogs today, turning the blog network spotlight first to TechEd and Microsoft Server & Tools Business President Satya Nadella’s keynote in Orlando on Monday morning. Tune in to see the speech live. The Server & Tools Blogs Network is a new effort to organize all the technical blogs, albeit starting with a  small slice of them.

Take a look around and give us your thoughts about the design and presentation of information, because we’re listening and want to adjust rapidly in response to your requests. Join the discussion to shape Microsoft’s newest technical community interface.

Be sure to come back Monday, when we will turn up the heat on a whole new way of getting an inside look at Microsoft strategy, products and deep technical information.

By the way, please tell us what you think of the new page layout and network navigation! What can we do to make it better?