New Server Core Tips

A couple of quick tips this time around.

If you want to determine if you are running on Server Core from a script, you can do this via WMI. The command line way is:

wmic path win32_operatingsystem get OperatingSystemSKU /value

The value can then be converted to hex and mapped to the list at:


Here is a tip I received from the HP Windows Server Academy team. If you don’t want to include all of the many IIS options in the output of Oclist, run:

Oclist | find “Installed” | find /v “IIS”


Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Server Core is proving to be a versatile infrastructure platform. After installing your basic Server

  2. Drewfus says:

    Nice tips.

    What would be really nice is a dedicated command that could return lots of OS related versioning info. Like this:

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