Server Core in RC0

RC0 of Windows Server 2008 is out and there are a few changes in Server Core:

·        Runonce now works

·        IIS is included as a role – see this blog posting for lots of useful IIS on Server Core information:




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  1. Anonymous says:

    Windows Server 2008 (auch bekannt unter dem Codenamen ‘Longhorn’) steht im Mittelpunkt von gleich zwei

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have two recomendations to increase the usability of WindowsServerCore for a first time user who is unfailiar with most of the command line stuff.  

    1. In the initiall installation, once the ServerCore option has been selected, it should take the user through a more in depth process of selecting and configuring the services that he desires to install. The user would potentially be able to complete the configuration process remotely after this. This modification alone would save a new user hours of frustration.

    2. There should be a command-line based ControlPanel, where all of the main services and features can be managed. The best example that I can give you for this is on SuSE where you can just type yast from the command line and setup and configure all the services on the server.

    I would like to use ServerCore, but I definitely don’t have the time to invest in learning all the commands at once.  A setup like I am suggesting would allow me to learn the commands at a more gradual place while benefitting immediately from a functional server.  I am not sure exactly where to submit this recomendation, so could you please pass it along to the appropriate individuals.

  3. pelliott says:

    This is good info Andrew – thanks for sharing

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