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This post is going to be slightly different then my previous postings. Last week I was at ITForum presenting on Server Core. Towards the end of the week I also had a ChalkTalk/Q&A session where I answered questions as well as collected feedback on Server Core. I’m going to post my notes and ask that anyone with feedback around the areas we discussed or others, please comment on this posting.


Additional roles and features:

  • IIS – Network Load Balancing also must be included

  • PowerShell

  • .Net Framework support for PowerShell and ASP.NET for IIS

  • Certificate Server


  • A centralized help list for all of the command line tools

  • More examples in the step by step guide for:

    • Remote management

    • Scripting examples


  • A gui tool that runs on Server or Vista that can build scripts for role and feature installation and configuration – The WAIK can build unattend files for this purpose, but not a post install script.

  • MCP for Server Core

As I’m sure some of you are aware from other postings, the TechNet Forums, etc, we won’t be able to do all of the above for the Longhorn release. However, this also helps us plan our efforts for feature releases, ensuring we focus on what you want supported on Server Core.


Let the discussion begin.....

Comments (5)

  1. The issue with PowerShell is its .NetFX dependency, which in turn would drag in a huge number of other dependencies and significantly reduce the benefits of Server Core. You can remotely manage Server Core using all the same GUI tools, so there is no need to become a command line guru. Even the initial configuration can be done using an unattend file, so again no need to use the command line.

    Server Core does include Services for Unix as an optional feature so you could install that and then use your SSH implementation of choice.

  2. Anonymous says:


    The current certification plans do not distinguish server core as an exam. The tasks while implemented differently are very much the same. I don’t think cert wanted to get a memorize switches exam. That said there are a few gottyas that are worth calling out in exams (say dcpromo) but not necessarily warrant an exam of its own. This is my interpretation of certs strategy but I will point someone from that team to this post.

  3. Anonymous says:

    One thing I will most defenetly copy to server core are systernals tools (GUI and command line). They work – I test some of them. Since Mark is part of Microsoft why are those tools not included in windows (not only server core – all versions?)

  4. Anonymous says:

    The MCP idea makes sense.

    I’m also wondering about more features to attract disenfranchised UNIX administrators – like me.

    Tom Adelstein

  5. nexor says:

    server core without powershell is ridiculous. when i heard there will only be a cmd in SC – the only thing i could say is ROTFL. am not quite sure about SC – it’s a nice test ‘how good you are with command line tools’ and having a fun for a while, but with so damn weak functionality it seems to be just a marketing move rather than a seriuos idea. powershell would change this a bit.

    a feature microsoft never talked about – is SSH support. winRM is a step back to remote cmd, and than again – powershell without SSH is like server core without powershell

    is it a secret, why ms is afraid so much of implementing ssh? there is NFS and NIS support in R2. why not ssh?

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